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went to the track last night, im indifferent lol

best pass 12.5@114.7mph with 1.9 60' knock free
pump+race+meth, 20psi spike down to 18psi, 3555lb race weight (with me in it), regular shifting, 11flat afr, 20deg timing top end
street tires 25psi in the front, 35 in the rear
put in 10L c16 to 40L pump to help with knock generated by heat on the top end.

excuses: kept bogging the launch cause of my tune on take off. it would fall on its face to 2krpm then slowly take off again. was fighting it all night. i rode the clutch on the best pass a little longer but i payed for it with slip on the top end and had to lift+reapply again. played around with timing and afr every pass.

i know she has 117-120 traps in her on a good day with better timing and better launch but i think im gonna call this project done for now. ive dialed it back down to 15psi see how long this clutch will last me. this engine is just too sensitive to knock, its very difficult to keep it at bay.
9b@13psi / 226awhp / 3750lb / 13.04@103mph 1.9'
15g@18psi / ???awhp / 3500lb / 12.50@115mph 1.9'

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