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Originally Posted by markingtime
I am in the process of installing power folding GTO mirrors from a wrecked 98 GTO in Japan on my 94 3000GT. They did not have the heat option and the wiring plugs only had 5 pins in the 7 pin plug. I also bought a spare power folding mirror from a wrecked 92 GTO in Canada that did have the heat option and 7 pins in the 7 pin plug so obviously the mirrors were available with and without heat. The other mirror on the 92 was damaged in the wreck but the wiring was good so I ended up with two 7 pin wiring assemblies. I got the JDM control switch and control unit for the folding mirrors off the 92 also.

The mirror faces on my 3000GT are heated and swap right in for the non heated ones in the 98 housing so I will end up with heated power folding mirrors. The control unit had a lot of extra wires coming out of it that seemed unrelated to the mirrors so I ordered the electrical schematics for the GTO from Japan and they arrived a few days ago. They needed a little translation but I hope to be able to bench test on Tuesday.

Interesting to note, the heated GTO mirror I got from Canada did not have the "heat" symbol etched into the mirror face. The heated ones on my 3000GT do.
all years GTO have it. meaning gto harness, ecu, controls, etc. the first gen is activated through the ac controls unlike the 2nd gens that have a separate switch on the dash. the usdm climate control is different than jdm [not just with the F and C reading, this being one of them]. none of the 4 first gens here have the stickers on them but they are all heated including mine.
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