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-=[the GTO bible]=-

this page is heavily under construction and is an ongoing project.

this bible will be focusing on turbos&mr's from japan. if something is not mentioned here it is the same as the north american (NA) equivalent.

-1st gen 1990-1993.5 OBDI (flip ups, shark nose styling)
-2nd gen 1993.5-1996 hybrid[93-94]/OBDII[94-96] (projectors, catfish styling)
-2.5 gen 1996-1997 OBDII (US 97/98 bumper, hoop wing)
-3rd gen 1998-2001 OBDII (US 99 style)
-turbos weighing at 1710kg +-10kg through the years
-mr's at 1680kg +-10kg through the years
-first production was october 25th 1990
-october of 93 is the switch to 2nd gen styling
-the final gto came off the line on august 4th 2000 this car was silver
-combining the whole of 3s platform an estimated little more than 180000 cars were produced over its 10 year production. 151454 being the combined stealth&3kgt while the rest being gto's. for sure it is known that 99 there are 2355 and 00 there are 114. the rarest is the "2001" badged gto with only 2 being made.

-the code on your chassis is the production number off the line, this is also your vin. so for example, e-z16a0002500 = 2500th car off the line for that gen
-z16a are the turbos
-z15a are the n/a's and mr's
-there is no z11a (NA sohc) in japan
-all gto's are awd, the n/a's utilizing the dsm drivetrain from first gen auto eclipses
-5spd/6spd switch over same as NA

options catalog:

engine bay
-october 92 onwards forged crank, metal head gasket
-93.5 onwards crank&cam angle sensor implemented. larger exhaust shield lip on turbo chra and turbine housing.
-all gto came with 9b. 13g's were not an option
-clutch res on other side
-steering column on other side
-precats are hollow. dont bother pulling your downpipe off to gut them or getting aftermarket ones, there is nothing in there.
-regarding hp difference: during production of the gto there was a "gentlemens agreement" in japan requiring hp advertisements limited at 280ps (276hp). dont worry, throw your car on the dyno and itll show the 300/320hp crank its supposed to.
-single o2 sensor after the downpipe merger, before the main cat. take note that the bung for this area is at 45deg for fitment.
-no egr. the precat doesnt have a place for egr, however the plenum does. this is blocked off from the factory (near the throttle body). the other spot near the brake booster does not, it is not required.
-clutch damper/remote bleed location.
-temp sensor after cat. this sensor in place for watching overheating of the main cat. not necessary for anything. only lights up dash warning light. remedy by unplugging.
-late 98+ active exhaust removed

-90-91 stock wheel 16x8+40mm 225/55/16
-later are the 17/18x8.5+46mm with the 245. dont be suprised by getting a 235, this was factory size
-98+ got 18x8+46mm (optional?)
-no clutch switch for startup
-6spd different gearing (shorter) on all 6spds.
-4ws on all years except mr's&n/a's
-november 91+ got 25spline

-180km/h speed cut (unlike canada 290km speedo). remedy by cutting pin 66 going to ecu (yellow wire). this removes signal to ecu telling it youve hit 180k.
-cruise max of 115km/hr. yet to find a solution.
-ecu mapped for 100ron (96aki here). thread on this over here: & here:
all sports cars from japan are mapped for 96. solution retard timing or decrease boost till solution found ex.usdm ecu, fuel controller or meth injection.
-base timing is set between 10-15deg, confirmed at pitroadm
-to disable abs system remove fuse. to disable abs light short pins 2&18 and 9&27 for first gens. complete removal up to you.
-climate control in celsius. this is a very nice feature for canada, as even the canadian spec stealths are in F and not C.
-ecu pins some are different, some missing. pin 53 is egrt on usdm, missing on jdm. front o2 missing, cat conv temp extra, will be adding more later with pin numbers.
-egrt wires are missing because jdm doesnt have egr. however, the circuitry is there in the ecu! just need to connect a wire up to the pin 53 in the harness and you can log boost or afr as you please. tested myself with gm 3bar map sensor.

exterior body
-gto writing on the door cap available all years as well as raingaurds,mudflaps
door edge protectors and so on, as can be seen here:
-a close up of what it sais on the door cap here:
-close up of gto light up visor. gto lettering lights up neon green when snake eyes turned on:
turned on: & notice second one is blue, apparently there are 2 different versions of this option.
-yellow rear corner markers (taillights)
-center garnish gto marking on all years cept 99 style, gto moved to top right corner on hatch
-fender side markers additional (turn signal)
-snake eyes with bulbs inside
-front radiator support is different for the first gens compared to NA. take this into consideration if doing front face lift.
-92-95 got optional glass top
-94 on got optional electric sunroof
-96 on active aero removed
-92-93.5 got optional power folding mirrors, 93.5 on standard. vid here:
-all years have heated mirrors. activated by pressing defrost on ac controls. 2nd gens have seperate button on dash.
- optional rain guards. pic:

-gauges consist of oil pres, boost without numbers and water temp shared, clock
-92 on got power seats
-92.5 on got keyless entry
-optional light up visors for quarter panels saying gto, picture here:
-everything reversed facing driver. this means if you getting shift boot or ebrake boot take not its reverse of NA.
-92 on got leather optional

the MR

-minimum 500 made to meet N1 regulations
-ran a 1/4 fastest of 12.89 stock driven by nakaya (n1 puma gto driver)
-available from 94-01
-there is a few 93's as well as seen here: )
now confirmed:
-optional 6piston ap racing brakes. video here:
-non adjustable headrests. pic:
-different shocks (bleistein?)
-optional 11g turbos. confirmed by australian member with part numbers stamped on the housing. asa should also confirm this. thread here:
also confirmed by ralliart3000gt, contacted mitsubishi directly:
-brake ducts to cool brakes down. picture here:
-hybrid lsd (torsen/viscous). pic:
-optional abs (except 97 onward, abs standard)
-no cruise control. picture here: you can see it wrapping around the plenum
-built on the z15a chassis
-no aws
-no ecs
-no active aero
-optional titanium shift knob. picture here:
-optional bbs wheels with 235/45/17. picture here:
- optional Multi media pakage (DVD Navigation system)
- optional Carbon fiber meter Bezel
- optional Carrozzeria / KENWOOD audio pakage

92 TT Special Version
-Choice of 2 special colors - Corse Gray (H89) or Kalder Green (?)
-300 total made
-Different driver seat - Motors & Switches different than normal
-Front leather seats have GTO stitched into the back support
-17" rims painted in Corse Gray and had a diamond cut outer lip
-Had red stripes too although there is a question as to whether or not the stripes were available as an option on stock ones too.
-Had sunroof/CD player/keyless entry before other models.
courtesy of member "markingtime"

video of the mr vs regualr gto in quarter mile:
please note the driver of the mr had a much better launch making a huge difference in the end

video overview of an mr, some options not present:

puma gto:

tuner cars:
pitroad m gto - currently fastest gto in japan
zesty gto
bozz speed gto
bee-r gto
hks gto

info collected through various forums, owners, owning one myself, working on others and japanese translations. if you can contribute in any way whether it be how to better organize, or something you found with proof, or anything else please let me know. more info will be added as the later years are allowed into the country for personal inspection.

references: -japan -japan -na -uk -thailand
mmc publicly released documents
member "markingtime" -usa
evil empire performance -uk
pitroadm -japan

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