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had a good day today.

went to torque the front nut+bolt combo down on the manifold and it snapped. after lots of swearing just decided to pull the turbo out. swapped turbine housing&studs with my old one and put it back in. pia. front turbo is ready to go. again.

couldnt get the rear turbo on with the precat still there. grabbed me a rotary tool from tool store and went to town on the rear precat stay nut. after snapping 3 disks finally got it off, fuckin rights hurled that thing half way across the neighborhood. went to town on the rear turbo, put it back in same way i took it out. turbine housing first, oil return while chra in engine bay (pia) then chra into housing, then wastegate (pia), then back below for oil return which i lost the bolts for but lucky enough i had some spares from all my deletes.

put all my intake piping back on and did a pressure test. held 8psi. got a big leak somewhere around the tb but its not the gasket, will go at it again tomorrow. checked wastegate actuation@6psi and good to go [they are from my old turbos].

put in the mr throttle cable as well, looks nice. although a bitch to get at cause of its location on the firewall going to gas pedal.

so basically whats left to start the car up: pressure test to 20psi, precat nuts [still waiting on], oil, and coolant. fuck the downpipe for now.

tl;dr: waiting on precat nuts to start the car up, everything else back together
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