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Originally Posted by Vr4Much?
Is there any way to confirm this, this would be awesome if it was true.

I had power folding mirrors on a 92, I also seen them on a 91 here in Calgary.

are you sure every GTO had heated mirrors? I had 5 GTOs and none had heated mirrors 1990/11, 1992/6, 1993/3, 1995/3, 1995/11
hey bro, really glad i got your attention cause i know youve had a couple of these.

LATE 91 got forged (the one i had in the shop was nov 91). there is also another 91 here that has forged. im 99% sure these have not been touched prior. if you ever get your hands on a 91 pull the pan off and check to make me 100% sure. 92 on im 100% sure has it.

about the mirrors, now that you mention it i remember seeing a 92 at a dealer in japan with a video showing the power fold. ill updated the info. i highly doubt the 91 had it stock cause i got the info from the japanese site. if you can confirm this i can look deeper into it.

about the heated mirrors: all gto got it, even if you dont have the sticker or the button. wait till your mirrors fog up, turn on your car and press the defrost button on the ac controls, watch the fog melt away. put your hand on the mirror and you will feel the heat. confirmed on 90,2x91,92. im 99% sure the rest of them got it as well.

question for you, what port did your 93 and 95's have? hybrid?
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