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replaced plugs with bkr6e, gapped at 35. replaced wires with oem. i really need a ypipe with coupler, i hate putting the stocker back on.
got injectors back, all flowed @90%.
installed them. have 2 spare.
current safc settings: L30%[-20@1,2,3,4,4.5,6,7]/H50%[same as low]
started car and its all good, o2's cycling, ~14/15 on the wideband sustained. havent had a chance to go for a drive yet.

tuned safc settings: L25%[-20 to 3k, -18 to 7k]/H40%[same as low]. ecu goes open loop right at 40%tps.
tested wot to 4k so far, starts around 12afr from 2500 and ends at 10.6afr so far. 0 knock with 10psi. started raining had to stop. waiting for sunny day to finish. once i get 14psi tuned ill throw in the supra pump and start again.
im tuning 500rpm at a time, so starting from 2k i go to 2.5k. then 2k to 3k, and so on. still waiting on my turbos to be made
9b@13psi / 226awhp / 3750lb / 13.04@103mph 1.9'
15g@18psi / ???awhp / 3500lb / 12.50@115mph 1.9'

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full vinyl wrapped 3000gt
the GTO bible - the JDM differences
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