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day 6:
set base timing to 5deg. i had it set at 4 before i had my meth [down from 10 stock jdm] to help with knock. ill be playing with this as i get deeper into tuning. from all ive read about td04 = timing>boost.
went out to do some tuning. only got a 2nd gear pull to redline [10.3 afr] then it started raining -_- i hate vancouver weather.
having some issues with the + battery terminal loosening up after hard pulls, gonna have to find something to remedy this.

Originally Posted by surreal
thanks for posting! looks fun! needs pics though!
we need more build threads on here.

btw i think youll be fine with the cast crank. its not *that* weak ... lots of people have put decent power through them.

i would also add an afpr to your list. will help you get more fuel if/when needed and will also help since you dont have timing control.

also... those are awesome 'before' numbers. what mods? with i/dp/ebc i was able to trap a couple mph faster but my et was nowhere close to a 13 flat!
pics are coming, im just gathering them. they will be up mid next week.

highest power i know of on the cast was by mellon of 3si running a little over 500awhp before he spun a bearing. i think with a conservative tune ill be safe for a while.

im glad you mentioned afpr. i was deciding on the afpr as well. really wanted to keep this build as tight budget as possible. i came to conclusion that with 450cc i can still tune the idle even if the base pressure was 58psi (highest reported i found with hotwired supra). i can make my injectors 290cc even at that high of a base pressure through the afc. however, i will be running the stock wiring with my own relay system and "realmcoy"'s solution of dual resistors to the supras voltage transition problems. but if it does come down to it, i will get the honda fpr+supporting.

my before number mods are listed in the track times list thread. basically bpu with some weight reduction. the track was really well prepped. slipped the clutch good and even had 35psi in my tires to save my drivetrain, lift to shift etc. ive gone as slow as 14.5@103 spinning like mad through the 60'
9b@13psi / 226awhp / 3750lb / 13.04@103mph 1.9'
15g@18psi / ???awhp / 3500lb / 12.50@115mph 1.9'

build thread
my visit to pitroadm
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the GTO bible - the JDM differences
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