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Rongchang panlongzhen ancient wall village three groups, where less than two hundred meters away from the accident site. Heavy rain was incredibly hard,, 71-year-old and his wife sitting in their own main room eating breakfast. "Days are not large bright, suddenly heard someone shouting for help behind the house, called for a moment became a captain with the people went to the site to save people." and his wife big age outdoors rain too fast , they did not dare go out, listen closely,nike free run online, the neighbors are saying, next door ironwork high ground out of trouble, all of a sudden it was four people. Many young ancient wall village three groups have participated in the rescue,air jordan, dozens of minutes later,nike air jordan, ambulances, police cars, fire engines arrived the opening scene, a temporary dirt road home front, there has never been a human voice screams. The old couple said rescue people faster.
so much rain, no seat belt bundles, had not pulled up." Li Liangxing said the old man,, the villagers involved in the rescue were considered, if at the time tied a belt after the accident on colleagues You can put him out of the hole, but does not have the back of three consecutive lower hole poisoning tragedy. At 8:00, the Chongqing Morning News reporters Qu Juzou and Fang Liao Sichuan Longchang week shangxingzhen yellow Village, Qin Qin Daoming old house, Qin Lixing house two brothers have put out the lights,, the villagers said they were called to the family along with Zhang Changxing rongchang talk compensated.
now there are several in civilian clothes claiming to be followed by site staff person close to prohibit outsiders close accident foundation pile hole. Construction of two Air Bureau Fang Jian Wang Yuan union vice-chairman during the media briefing mentioned the accident, rescue workers rushed to the scene,nike air max online, smell the strong pungent odor. This odor is what comes out in the end, safety supervision departments have been carried out sample testing, but have not yet concluded. Reporters investigation that the August 1 7:10 am, team leader the lead down to the 8th hole,, carried steel banding, hole two men to him to deliver reinforcement. But soon the next hole.
on unidentified gas poisoning due to inhalation collapsed in pile holes left in the ground after another colleague next hole to rescue a result, Qin Lixing, and Zhang Bing along 3 poisoned people fell to the pile. "Fifth colleagues followed down to half, found air pile bottom right, to come up for help,nike air max italia, escaped." According to Wang Yuan said that the first five workers escaped the catastrophe, the immediate danger to submit a project group. Not wearing a seatbelt at the hole The day before the accident, Rongchang it began to rain, the day before the accident foundation pile hole accumulation of water in the afternoon. Accident that day,air jordan shop, Qindao Ming rain 9 meters deep into the base of the pile hole,air jordan milano, then the base of the pile hole has water,air jordan milano, he is standing on the part of the steel frame has been tied up the day before to finish the project on hold due to rain . "So deep holes.
another Qin Lixing, is Qindao Ming cousin, both live in the old house courtyard Qin,nike sito ufficiale, the house next to the house. With the victims as well, and Qin Zhang Changxing and brothers from the same village in Bing Zhang Rongchang. 5 people escaped Yesterday afternoon, the Chongqing Morning News reporters Gan Daoshi and Gu Xianchang. When he first entered the village of ancient walls,, the interview will be blocked vehicles, foreign vehicles are prohibited from entering the village. Reporter walk nearly two kilometers, finally saw the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail foundation piles,air jordan milano, every 6 meters a neatly stand in the middle of farmland temporarily stocked elongated site. In the 8th foundation pile hole where there are more than three hundred meters away from the accident, the construction side, said the site has not been drained of gas,air jordan donna, stopped a reporter. Suspicious that the construction side next to the construction site was not only for the villagers to evacuate tens of meters away, and once there are foreign students face the village.
Chongqing Morning News reporters Hu Jieshi and Xi Shenghuang Qiao photo9-meter-deep hole operation, four workers died of suffocation Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail incident Rongchang construction site and three others after one collapsed under the rescue hole,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the result 4 per person in distress August 1 7:00 am,, the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail construction site Rongchang of toxic gas suffocation, four temporary steel bar to migrant workers on the construction site,nike air max outlet online, at a 9 m deep water pile foundation hole in the suffocation death . 4 people were killed in storm 7 in the morning the day before yesterday.
but a failed rescue to. "Four people were steel bar, that is nearby, have our Rongchang, as well as the old house next door Qin (Longchang County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province) of three people,,air jordan milano, poor ah, so deep tunnel head, water,, all drowned! " After the rain stopped, Li Liangxing see the earth in front of the house side of the road stopped a motorcycle, he later learned that the owner of the motorcycle was killed in poison gas accident in the first of the dead,air jordan milano, he called year 46 years old,air jordan donna, it is not far from the residents of Longchang County weeks shangxingzhen yellow Village 9 teams. Dead.
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